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Starting Over

No, I'm not appearing on some daytime reality show, but I am welcoming new people to my journal! I finally deleted a bunch of journals that hadn't been updated since the start of the Century, and added on some bright new stars to replace them. Hopefully, I'll continue to add on new people as I go, since, to me, it's all about interaction... it's all about talk.

This week's shows are going to be chock full of laughs, since the Democratic Convention is starting in Boston. We'll have to send somebody out there to cover the event, and see what sorts of fun things are happening in the Boston hotel rooms.

Did you see Sen. Kerry throwing out the first pitch at the Red Sox game? He's a big fan of the Sox, and I think that'll stand him in good stead with the citizens whose lives he has disrupted for this week!

And the Red Sox beat the Yankees! I'm sure that with the Republicans having their big shindig in New York later this summer, Kerry will hope that Boston beats New York at least once more!

As for guests... eh. Probably nobody you know is going to be on this week. We're sort of guessing we might be pushed back at least one night, if the news coverage runs long. You know. Dan Rather just starts talking and he won't shut up!

Let's see... what else? Oh right. Ricky Williams decided to just quit the Dolphins. Something about failing a drug test? I should do a joke about being in "flipper" mode, but what porpoise would that serve?

Anyway, as Billy Joel said, "It's All About Rum." I know you think he said, "It's All About Soul," but trust me on this. Have a great week!

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It was definitely not a good thing when Boston beat the Yankees, trust me. :-[
Well, the Yanks lead is still 7 games, so it couldn't have hurt that much!

Welcome, Ms. Pressly!
Hopefully you don't think I'm a MBP newbie, but thanks for adding me.
I'm just a little slow on the uptake there, Evan! Here's hoping your summer has a happy ending!
You are always so hilarious.
Thank you Scarlett! It's nice to see you gracing my page.
Nice Keywords there.
I'm a horrible commenter for the most part, but hey, I'm one of the new people you added so I'm gonna stop in and say hi. So hi.
Thanks for adding me!
I know I'm not one of the ones you added, but I hope you don't mind if I add you.
I'm confused because there seems to be two of you.
Yes, there is. I'm the one that was added to the community in recent weeks. I tried to help you figure out your IE problem last night just before you left chat. I believe that was you anyway. Chats get busy, and I get confused.
Wow, thank you for adding me! You are quite funny and quite handsome!